Pictures of our pups in their new homes.

Here are a few pic's of crow. He is so protective, good watch dog, he has such a deep voice, love's water can't keep him out. It's been 25 degrees and he's playing in water trough lol. he has personality +. he is 1 in a million. can't imagine life without him,we love him dearly, thank you so much. michele.

Crow is a Molly Gus pup 

Molly/Gus puppy "Tessa"

Hi Heidi, Just a quick note to say thank you for the beautiful pup. We are all quite smitten with her. She is doing well and loving life in Canada! Here is a photo of Tessa.Hello! Just wanted to give you another update! Tessa is doing very well. She is an excellent fetcher and now with her shots all up-to-date is learning to maneuver the dog parks. We are all enjoying her so very much.


Molly/Gus puppy "Ruger"

Ruger's first trip to the riverHe's doing great. He has already gone on a couple adventures with me and is a really smart dog. Thank you again, Jake


George, a Molly Gus puppy.


George arrived last night and is doing fine. It seems he can go upstairs but not downstairs, so we will be working with him on that and potty training as well. He is beautiful and we feel very fortunate to be his new parents. We appreciate all the documents and instructions. You are a very professional and thorough breeder.

Attached is a photo of his arrival at Air Cargo. We were all smiles and George seemed happy to see us, too! Thank you for making this experience so positive. We will love and cherish George for the rest of his life.

Thank you-

Krissi and Charlie


Lucy, a Paris/Gus puppy.

I had to swing by high school track practice and they all went crazy. She is going to be the school mascot i think! She looks like a little panda bear! We gave her a tennis ball and she can carry it around!